Real Life, Intensive Drama. Show Synopsis

Real Life, Intensive Drama. Show Synopsis


The Vault 12 is a reality show unlike any other. We live in a time where predictions regarding a world ending Apocalyptic Event run rampant. There are many possible outcomes that could bring about the end of the world as we know it and at no other time in human history has mankind had more ability to bring about Doomsday. War, Economic Collapse, Deadly Viruses, Global Warming, Super Volcano’s and the list goes on as to the end of human kind as we know it.

“What if you survived?” This is the basic premise of The Vault 12. Our objective is to place seven woman and five men into an underground bunker for no less than one year. The Vault 12 is a live streaming web based show that will incorporate over 40 live streaming video feeds for viewers of the show to log in and watch on a 24 hour/7 day a week basis. We will also have a weekly highlight segment that will show how the survivors are doing.

This isn’t your basic elimination type Survivor show as the participants are rewarded very well for their survival. The twist is that not everyone can handle the situation. Those that leave affects the remaining members greatly. This is also a highly interactive audience participation show in which we willinteract with the fan base that can suggest certain situations for the survivors to deal with.The survivors will have zero contact with the outside world for one year,with the exception of the production office. There are numerous scenarios planned in advance that the survivors will have to overcome on almost a daily basis.The contestants will come from a wide variety of various backgrounds and be diverse in their beliefs.

The question is simple, “Will they survive?”

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