No Way Out

No Way Out


Disease, Famine, End of the World. Are we near the end as predicted by the doomsday theorists? Are you ready, could you be ready? What our reality show does is let you witness the day to day activities of 12 people locked in a fully equipped vault for 1 year. You witness them daily and watch from various camera angles what is going in. Subscribe to watch as these contestants lose track of time, develop fondness or hate for their companions.

The 5 men and 7 women chosen have been picked for their psychological profiles from over 5,000 applicants. They are giving up their lives for one year…and they will never be the same. Witness them and you too will never be the same. It may shock you or make you think about the end of days. Do you turn away and become a loner or do you make alliances to help you survive.

Witness how our participants do. Sign-up today to get more information and watch our progress. Click here to learn more.

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